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Announcement of Ishigaki Beef MARU Christmas Sale


Announcement of Ishigaki Wagyu MARU Christmas Sale ❤️
From Tuesday, December 21st to Saturday, December 25th Annual Christmas sale as usual.🎅🐃

(*For residents living on the island only)

Annual event announcement!

During the period, for those who make a reservation and visit our store, we offer a special menu featuring “Japanese WAGYU” at half price!
(Drinks and other menu items will be charged at regular prices.)

To all our LINE friends, we are accepting advance reservations!

For customers who wish to visit our restaurant, we kindly ask you to make use of our convenient LINE reservation system.


→ Please make your reservation through LINE Talk.

When making your reservation, please be sure to let us know that you would like to take advantage of the half-price sale!

During the sale period, seating time will be limited to 1 hour and 30 minutes, regardless of the number of guests.

Customers who wish to use the sale must pay in cash. Credit cards are not accepted.

★ You can also use the “GO TO EAT Okinawa Premium Coupon (paper or electronic version)” with your purchase. You can purchase it through MARU’s official LINE account top page.

List of half-price menu items

  • Ishigaki WAGYU lean steak: ¥3,600 → ¥1,800
  • Ishigaki WAGYU vegetable-wrapped kalbi: ¥2,300 → ¥1,150
  • Premium kalbi aburi (flame-seared): ¥2,800 → ¥1,400
  • Top sirloin: ¥2,000 → ¥1,000
  • Premium kalbi: ¥2,000 → ¥1,000
  • Beef skirt steak: ¥2,000 → ¥1,000
  • Beef frankfurter: ¥2,000 → ¥1,000
  • Beef skirt steak (harami): ¥2,200 → ¥1,100
  • Beef chuck rib (middle cut): ¥1,300 → ¥650
  • Beef short rib (kalbi): ¥980 → ¥490
  • Thigh meat: ¥980 → ¥490
  • Pork tongue: ¥600 → ¥300
  • Ishigaki beef maruchou (tripe): ¥780 → ¥390
  • Ishigaki beef tsurami (cheek): ¥780 → ¥390
  • The prices listed are exclusive of tax.
  • Please note that some items may be sold out.
  • We also offer regular menu items featuring Ishigaki beef at regular prices.
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