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*All prices shown include tax.

The consumption tax was raised to 10% on October 1, 2019.

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*The meat used at MARU is carefully selected Ishigaki beef of the finest A5 grade. *Regarding the Ishigaki beef assortment, select, and individual menu items.
Depending on the stock situation,
some of the menu items listed may not be available on the day.
We appreciate your understanding.

3 Types of Ishigaki WAGYU Beefs 250g(Higher Quality)【Small】4,500 yen
Ishigaki beef quality 3 kinds (2 kinds of top grade, 1 kind of quality red meat)

3Types of Ishigaki WAGYU Beefs 250g(Quality Leamer Parts)6,500 yen
Three kinds of red meat from fine arm meat or thigh meat

3 Types of Ishigaki WAGYU Beefs 250g (Higher Quality)7,500 yen
Ishigaki beef quality 3 kinds (2 kinds of top grade, 1 kind of quality red meat)

MARU Recommended Meat Select Set
If in doubt, this is the one!

The photo is an example of 2 Premium Selects

*Orders must be for two people or more. (Meat selections are for meat only)
*The difference between the two courses is a set of standard or a set of high quality products

MARU standard select
One person/5,500 yen
Dish Details:beef tongue / 1 type of top grade meat / types of red meat / 3 types of standard meat/ Total 6 Kinds total Approx. 220g

MARU premium select
One person/7,000 yen

Dish Details:beef tongue / 5 kinds of top grade meat / types of red meat/Total 7 kinds total Approx. 230g


If you are not sure, we recommend MARU premium select 7,000 yen!

The above set usually includes beef tongue. If you cannot eat beef tongue, please let us know and we will change it to another part.

If you have never eaten beef tongue before and have not had the habit of eating it because you have never had it, please try it once. It will open a new door for you.

Don’t be surprised, most Japanese who come to a yakiniku restaurant will order beef tongue!Why is that? The answer is because it tastes good! We look forward to your courageous first attempt!

*The contents change depending on the day, the above menu is an example
*please cook thoroughly before serving

SerectedA5 grade reae meat




*For selected A5 grade rare parts, please refer to the separate g table in the store and ask the staff

*please cook thoroughly before serving


Beef ribs

  • Bonless Short Ribs 1,500YEN
    When it comes to yakiniku! The most popular part of Yakiniku! You will know the quality of MARU when you try it!
  • Rib finger cuts 1,800YEN
    The juiciest part of the meat around the ribs The only part of the meat served with miso seasoning
  • Special Boneless Short Ribs 2,800YEN
    his is the part of the meat that is full of barbecue flavor! It is the best part to feel the deliciousness of fine fat of Ishigaki beef!
  • Superior Marbled Boneless Short Ribs 3,700YEN
    The most finely marbled and beautifully marbled part of the meat, with the most finely sinewy fat, and served with wasabi, the sweet taste of the meat is very pronounced.
  • Flank 2,800YEN
    What do you call it in English? I don’t know,,,,but I think this part is tender and has enough flavor of meat. It is the meat around the belly.
  • Bottom flap 2,800YEN
    What do you call it in English? I don’t know, but this part is soft like a fillet and you can bite it with your lips. I think it is a part that has enough flavor of meat. It is the meat around the belly.
  • Skirt or Hnging tender “Today’s daily special” 3,100YEN
    A meat-like part with its own unique texture, this is yakiniku!


  • Round 1,600YEN
    Lightly grilled meat
    It is a delicate red meat. It can be good or bad depending on how well you cook it. The absolute best way to make sure it tastes good is to cook it quickly. Grill it lightly.
  • Today’s red meat of the thigh type 2,800YEN
    Lightly grilled meat
    This is one of the four major cuts of lean thigh meat, and is the recommended daily meat of the day. This is the part that used to be served raw. The absolute secret to a delicious meal is to grill it quickly.
  • Round(ichibo meat)2,900YEN
    Lightly grilled meat
    This is the part of the lean part that brings out the moderate sashi, the sweet sashi and tender meat.The absolute best way to enjoy this dish is to grill it quic

Beef tongue

Tongue with spring onion 1,800YEN
1 serving/5pcs (USA/AUS)

Special Tongue with spring onion 2,700YEN
1 serving/5pcs(black beef/AUS)


We may have Japanese Black Wagyu Beef Tongue, depending on availability. If so, it will be displayed on the menu on the table.

These are rare Japanese black Wagyu tongue.
tongue. under tongue set of 8 pieves/ ¥4,500


We may have Ishigaki beef tongue depending on availability. If so, it will be displayed on the menu on the table.

We only have about 1 Ishigaki Beef Tongue a week
(8-10 servings) under tongue/tongue set of 8 pieces/ ¥5,500

*4 or more slices can be sold per quantity.
*Sizes may vary depending on each individual, so there may be some slight differences.

Variety meat:organ meat
Ishigaki beef is delicious whole! Don’t be scared! Just Try it!

I like barbecued meat, but, I don’t like organ meats. We would like to invite foreign customers to try this dish! Please open a new door. You will be surprised at what you will discover.

We encourage you to try new foods! We believe in the Japanese sense of taste!

  • First stomach(AUS)1,200YEN
    This is a crunchy part. Popular for its crispy/crunchy texture / 1st stomach: AUS
  • Long Small intestine 980YEN
    This is the part of the meat that is most commonly referred to as offal, and the fat is what makes it so delicious./small intestine】
  • Large intestine 1,000YEN
    A region full of internal organ goodness!/Large intestine
  • Heart 1,000YEN
    Muscular organ meat with deep flavor/heart
  • Liver (Ishigaki wagyu) 1,500YEN
    Freshness only possible when you buy a whole Ishigaki Beef! This is the real liver without any smell
  • Cheek 1,200YEN
    The more you chew, the more flavorful the part.
  • Under Tongue 1,000YEN
    The lower part of the tongue, which is the most strongly chewy part of the tongue
  • 3 kind of Fresh offal 1,580YEN
    Certainly, organ meats are not to be liked or disliked. But you won’t know unless you try it.
    We buy one head of Ishigaki beef offal every week. Please try our fresh offal!

The weight of the horumon (beef offal) varies depending on the cut.
*Please make sure to cook it thoroughly before eating.

Side Menu

  • third stomach Sashimi 1,200YEN
    The visceral part of the third stomach is crunchy and fun to eat.It is served with homemade spicy miso paste.
  • Simple Leek Salada 550YEN
    A dish dedicated to leek lovers.
  • Seaweed Sheets 380YEN
    seaweed Sheets+barbecued meat +rice= happiness ❤/ I recommend searing it.
  • Fish entrails Kimuchi 550YEN
    Don’t be scared! Try it
    It goes really well with alcohol
  • Cabbage kimchi 480YEN
    It is an indispensable / cabbage kimchi for barbeque!
  • Cucumber Kimchi 480YEN
    It is a partner of barbecued meat/cucumber kimchi
  • Radish kimchi 480YEN
    It is a partner of barbecued meat/Radish kimchi
  • Three kinds of assorted kimchi 780YEN
    Cabbage, cucumber, and radish. Three kinds of kimchi

Vegetables and salads

  • Assorted boiled and seasoned vegetable 780YEN
    Boiled vegetables seasoned. It is also delicious with rice
  • leafy vegetables for wrapping meat 530YEN
    Try the grilled meat wrapped in leaves!
  • little Spicy Salad 780YEN
    This salad has a slightly spicy flavor and goes great with grilled meat
  • Salt Flavored Salad 780YEN
    It is a salad of seaweed sheets a perfect combination with grilled meat
  • Cabbage 450YEN
  • Brown onions 450YEN
  • Eggplant 450YEN
  • White Leek 450YEN
  • Garlic( For Oil Grill and Eat) 480YEN
    This is a way of eating garlic fried and grilled in sesame oil

Rice Products

Ishigaki beef stone-roasted bibimbap

Do you all know about this? Japanese people love white rice with all their heart. We know that Yakiniku and rice go very well together!

  • Rice Small 200YEN Medium 300YEN Large 400YEN
  • Ishigaki beef stone-roasted bibimbap 1,650 YEN (Tremendous, great taste!)
    rice topped with boiled vegetables and Ishigaki beef meat
  • Ishigaki beef bibimbap 1,000 YEN
    A bowl of rice topped with boiled vegetables and meat
  • Ishigaki Beef Rice-OnSoup 980 YEN
    Rice topped with Ishigaki beef and vegetable broth
  • Ishigaki Beef Rice-OnSpicy Soup 1,000 YEN
    Rice topped with Ishigaki beef and vegetables in a spicy broth
  • Japanese citrus rice 700YEN
    Rice served with the juice of sudachi, the Japanese citrus queen, squeezed over rice and served with myoga and hanagatsuo, a condiment vegetable!
  • Shiso leaves Rice 700YEN
    Shiso leaves are chopped and placed on top of the rice along with needle seaweed, and the rice is topped with a shoyu sauce that goes well with the meat.
  • Rice with egg yolk and fish kimchi 780YEN
    This dish is made by mixing egg yolk and spicy fish kimchi on top of rice. Between you and me, it would be a waste of your life not to try it. You may think it is not so tasty, but it is very delicious!

Noodle and Soup


Cold noodles 1,000 YEN
Cold noodles, light and tasty, you will want to eat again tomorrow!

Ishigaki beef rib soup 1,000 YEN
Ishigaki beef and vegetable soup with eggs

Spicy Short rib Soup 1,100 YEN
Ishigaki beef and vegetable spicy soup with eggs

Egg Soup 700YEN

Seaweed Soup 680YEN

Egg and Seaweed Soup 750YEN


  • Ice Cream Sandwiched Crisp Wafers(Vanilla or Green tea) 630YEN
  • Ice Cream (Vanilla or Green tea) 430YEN
  • Sherbet 430YEN
    Daily change
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