The restaurant is currently open for normal business from 17:00 to 22:30 [last order at 21:30].Reservations

Notice of business hours 16:00-20:00, liquor sales suspended until 6/20!

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On May 23rd, Sunday, the medical state of emergency declaration was issued in Ishigaki City,

Okinawa Prefecture until June 20th, Sunday. This applies to the entire Okinawa Prefecture, including Ishigaki City. In accordance with the declaration, alcohol sales are not allowed. The business hours are from 16:00 to 20:00 (last orders will be taken within the range of being able to finish eating and completely leave by 20:00). *Alcohol sales will be suspended until June 20th, Sunday.

At Ishigaki WAGYU MARU, we will take the best measures to operate our business while understanding the following items:

Implement the following infection prevention measures (Article 45, Paragraph 2 of the law):

  • Recommend testing for employees
    Crowd control and guidance for visitors
    Prohibition of entry for individuals with fever or other symptoms
    Installation of hand sanitizing facilities
    Disinfection of business premises
    Promotion of measures related to wearing masks and other infection prevention measures
    Prohibition of entry (including expulsion) for individuals who do not take infection prevention measures without a legitimate reason
    Ventilation of the facility
    Installation of acrylic boards or ensuring a distance of 1 meter or more
  • Comply with industry-specific guidelines (Article 24, Paragraph 9 of the law)
  • Cooperate with the prefectural government’s inspection program to promote infection prevention measures (Article 24, Paragraph 9 of the law)

If you wish to come to the store (open at 16:00)

  1. Please call ☎0980-82-0030 to check seat availability and make a reservation accordingly.
  2. We kindly request that you visit us while avoiding close contact with others in consideration of COVID-19 measures.
  3. We apologize for any inconvenience, but please be sure to make a reservation when you visit us.

Although we are not sure what we are fighting against after over a year of battling with COVID-19, we are ready to welcome you with proper measures to get back to our daily lives. We kindly ask you to make a reservation and visit us with appropriate measures.

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Table of Contents